By eliminating cross-border barriers, SAFENED allows deposits to flow to a suite of highly rated banks through a single platform


Cash Rich Clients

For cash rich clients, the deposit market should be as efficient and diversified as other asset classes

Broker Dealers

For broker dealers deposits should be a customer centric, value-add assets class


For banks, the deposit market should be as liquid, accessible and ALM friendly as the bond market


Cash Rich Clients

SAFENED eliminates cross border barriers and offers a proprietary fully digital deposit platform without IT integration requirements

Broker Dealers

Cash rich clients and/or their broker dealers get access to a superior tool to spread deposits across a suite of highly rated banks in strong economies


Banks are offered a wholesale tool to obtain efficient retail and corporate deposits in multiple currencies

Key Characteristics

Single Point of contact

SAFENED selects, signs and expands bank network and acts as single point of contact for both

Plug and Play Connection

Access through proprietary portals or an API

KYC Engine

Cross border standardized KYC set, Encrypted handling, Fully digital

Fully Digital Named Account Opening Process

No paperwork required, short turnaround time, Easy onboarding for banks given

Savings as a Service

Platform can perform partial or full savings administration for banks (Savings-as-a-Service)

Cash & Risk Management Tool

Diversification across banks, currency, maturities and countries

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